Like skin, hair needs to be moisturized too, even if it seems like the climate you live in is humid enough that you don’t need to or you’re rocking the best Balayage highlights in Miami. Neglecting to moisturize your hair, or over-using heat tools will leave it porous, and susceptible to absorbing floating moisture in the air around you. So a great style for hot humid summer days begins with moisture. 

Start by using a deep conditioner in the shower, but focus on the midshaft and ends, to avoid an oily scalp and maintain your natural volume. In addition, aim for applying a leave-in treatment once every week or two weeks, to deeply condition the hair. With the added heat of the summer sun, you really do need this added moisture in your hair to prevent frizz.

Next, just like your skin, you should rinse with cold water to seal the hair’s cuticle from outside moisture. You can help this by applying a light styling balm suited for your hair texture.  

When it comes to styling, try to give the hair a break from heat styling whenever possible. If you must blow dry, use a thermal-activated product like Kérastase Discipline Fluidissime, which helps fight frizz from humidity, as well as damage from heat styling. Also, make sure to use the proper technique. Blow dry with a round brush, taking care to aim hot air downward, rather than blowing air against the direction of hair growth. Blow drying properly helps the cuticle to lay flat, which will give you a sleeker style. Bursts of cool air in between sections also help the hair from getting too dried out. 

Finish the style with your favorite hairspray. Balancing moisture in humid climates can be tricky, but with the right technique and quality hair product, you can maintain your style even during the hottest summer day.

For more tips on keeping up smooth and frizz free hair, visit us at Red Market Salon Miami to speak to our experts and purchase the best Kerastase products for your hair type.


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Thinking about switching up your dark hair by going platinum blonde? Our stylists here at Red Market Miami take special care of your tresses when going from dark to light.

Going platinum blonde usually requires what is called a “double process”, which means the hair is lifted (bleached) twice. This is followed by a special treatment such as Olaplex to bring life back into the hair, and possibly a gloss or toner to finish off the color. The process of hair lightening likely will need to be done in stages so that our stylists can ensure that your hair looks and feels great upon conclusion. Below is a brief look at how our colorists can properly take your mane from the darkest brunette to blonde like only the best salon in Miami can do.

The Application

Your Red Market top colorist will begin by mixing the lightening agent they will be using to lighten your strands. The bleach is placed a few inches below your roots to avoid rapid lifting. The reasoning for this is because the scalp gives off heat, which causes the color lifting process to accelerate. The bleach is then washed out in sections to make sure the color is even. If you are starting off with very dark hair, your hair may be blown out by your stylist and bleached another round in order to achieve the desired color.   olaplex-3-bottle

Final Things to Note…

Going platinum blonde is a complex process that requires patience nonetheless, but here at Red Market Miami, our stylists utilize the proper precautions to greatly reduce damage, thus, retaining healthy, fabulous hair. You can trust that the best colorists in Miami will put your hair in the best care as you begin your transition.


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Whether you love or have issues with your hair, it’s natural character will always be what determines your ability to make it look its best. Your ethnicity is one of the most important limiting factors for your hair’s appearance. Although many products and services exist to change the look and quality of your hair, straying too far from nature’s plan can encumber, rather than enhance your look. What is the best way to embrace the natural brilliance of your hair and love the results?

Get to Know Your Locks on an Intimate Level and Relax in Your Uniqueness

Becoming a friend to your hair means knowing its limits. Just as you desire some unattainable ideal that graces the head of another, recognize that others would love to have just what you have! 

Pamper yourself with different looks, but remember that sometimes less is more.  Together, your skin and hair form a naturally complimentary color palette. Color can add allure and dynamism, but consider your choices carefully. Working with what your hair naturally is and does, puts forth an effortless air and lets others know you are confident in your appearance.

Care for Your Tresses

Healthy hair encompasses what you put in it, as well as what you put on it. Good nutrition is a great start, but limiting your exposure to chemical treatments that change hair texture and color is just as important.

Constant coloring, curling of straight hair, or straightening of curls can set your coiffure on a path to destruction. Instead of the celebrity style you hoped for, damage and frizz is often the result.

Choose the Right Cut and Use the Right Products

Single out the best attributes your hair has to show! You can enhance the shine of board-straight hair or revel in the luxurious look of massive waves or excessive volume. Enlist the instincts of close friends and styling experts to help you find what works for you.

Ultimately, striving to highlight what you love about your hair, while working harmoniously with what you don’t, eases your routine and shows the world your best face. At Red Market Miami, We are all about change however understand the difference between changing your hair in it’s entirety or just highlighting the natural assets you were born with.

Our colorists are trained to take into consideration factors such as skin color, ethnicity, hair texture and more in order to help our clients choose the best shades. Consulting one of our experts is always the best way to make an informed decision on your new look.

On next week’s blog, check in to read about the healthy process to go from dark hair to platinum or light blondes. Regardless of your style choice, Red Market Miami will make sure your hair stays healthy through it all.

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Hair Botox is a revolutionary new way of deep conditioning hair that produces almost miraculous results. Women who have frizzy, dull or worn out looking hair can now transform their damaged hair into beautiful, luxurious locks they never thought possible.

Hair Botox can reverse any damage that has occurred to the cortex and cuticles of the hair by hydrating it and bringing it back to life, making it healthier and more manageable than ever before. This treatment adds wonderful, long-lasting texture and makes the hair look healthy and shiny.

The name of this product can sound a little misleading, since Hair Botox does not contain Botulinum, the main ingredient in the Botox Cosmetic used to reduce facial wrinkles.  Hair Botox is more similar to a Keratin treatment, only safer and more effective. It works by penetrating the cuticles of the hair, and by filling in any breakages or gaps, creating hair that is shinier, sleeker and stronger.

Hair Botox has specific acidic compounds that do not contain any of the harmful chemicals found in similar products, such as Karatin treatments.  Hair Botox does not contain potentially dangerous parabens or formaldehyde, and does not harm the hair at all. It also protects the scalp against psoriasis, dandruff and other unfortunate conditions.

The treatment works on all types of hair, regardless of whether it is straight, curly, wavy or frizzy.  The application process usually takes less than an hour, yet lasts for months at a time.  It is recommended the process be repeated every 2 months for best results. To find out if Hair Botox is for you, come see us at Red Market and receive a complementary hair consultation with the best hairstylists in Miami


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It is hard to say when the public became so interested in celebrity hairstyles. A look at celebrity hair icons throughout the years reveals changing trends that spread like wildfire among their fans.

At the height of her career on the hit television series, Friends, star, Jennifer Aniston, began one of the biggest hair trends in the history of television.  The medium-length, layered look, called, “The Rachel,” swept the nation, as women of all ages rushed to their salons in attempts to replicate the look. Ironically, Aniston later stated that despite the popularity of the style, she didn’t love it.

Prior to the layers and blonde streaks inherent in “The Rachel,” Aniston was a natural brunette with long, straight locks.  The locks turned a dark mahogany and were cut into long layers with bangs to celebrate her role in a film. 

As her acting career blossomed in the late 1990s, Aniston chose an understated French twist, wearing her hair away from her face
to accent her beautiful blue eyes. One of her least expected styles was when she sported faux dreadlocks for the Emmy Awards red Carpet”  This was a short-lived look for the actress, who never tried dreads again.

Aniston ushered in the year 2000 with a request for “something different.” Celebrity hair stylist Chris McMillan obliged by creating her first short haircut that she wore in loose, natural waves. The following year, the actress sported a straight, sleek style to attend the People’s Choice Awards. Jumping ahead to 2007, Aniston kept the straight, sleek style, but wore a longer, blonder version with a center part.

Today, Jennifer Aniston’s locks are embellished with honey-colored streaks over a deeper blonde base and cut into long layers. Another popular look for a movie premiere found the actress with her hair swept back into a playful, high ponytail.

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Is there such thing as an age appropriate hairstyle? What looked good on you when you were in your 20s or 30s may not be ideal in your 50s, but that does not mean that the older a woman gets, the shorter her hair must become.

When it comes to age and hairstyles, old rules such as “long hair after 40 only makes you look older” are just outdated and sad. Ali McGraw, Demi Moore and Bo Derek still wear their hair over-the-shoulder long and they look spectacular even though they are in their 40s, 50s and even 70s.

Today’s women are stylish and confident. Their independence has allowed them to redefine age and how GTY_michelle_pfeiffer_tk_131104_16x9_992it relates to fashion. Women in their 50s, 60s and 70s come from generations that set trends and broke away from conforming standards of their time. These strong, bold women aren’t about to be defined by the old rules now.

Wearing long hair over 40? Here are a few tips to keep you looking your best:

• Hair thins as we age. However, additional volume is easily achieved with a good cut that adds layers and movement around the face. Additionally, volumizing products will make the most of what you’ve got.

• Find your style, keeping in mind that layers, tapered sides and wispy elements will add volume and soften your face.

• Great looks include large waves, soft curls and tapered, face-framing cuts with a lot of feathery texture. Movement and visual softening are key.

• Keep all your lines flowing and soft. Avoid harsh lines and corners, including on the bangs.

• Stick with soft, natural colors. Don’t be afraid of grey.

• If your hair is very thin, go for a shorter or medium length cut. Not because of your age, but because it is best for your hair type.

In the end, there is no such a thing as specific hairstyles that are appropriate for a certain age group – or not. We have a wide range of choices for beautiful hairstyles at any age. The only things to keep in mind are the basic rules:

• Find a cut that really works for you, brings attention to your good sides and distracts a bit from others.

• Keep it soft, flowing and fun, long or short, but most of all keep it uniquely you.

If you need help choosing the perfect cut for you, let the best hairstylists in Miami guide you.

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Fashion, like life, is cyclical. What once was popular in the rag trade is now anathema in the fickle eye of public opinion. And what was scoffed at and cast aside has climbed back onto the catwalk and is sashaying its way down the runway, hoping to reclaim the crown and be hailed as chic once again. Modern fashion is having a love affair with the past and we’re all winning because of it, vintage looks are back. The hair trends of yesteryear have kicked down the door to the present and brought a bridge to the past with them. Here are some of the hottest old looks that should be burning their way into your closet along with the hairstyle to pair it with.

Leave the gender roles, take the sweaters: The cardigan sweater of the 50s is back where it belongs, draped around the shoulders of daring fashionistas and catching the wandering eyes of any boys next door.

Hairstyle Match: Try out the James Dean-inspired pompadour to give this wholesome girl next door classic a modern edge.

Circle the skirts and head back to the knee: The 50s are far from dead and the circle skirt is one of the biggest reasons. What was once a fixture of a more demure age is turning heads now. Pair this with some of the other items on this list and you’ll be the fashion queen of dreams from both then and now.

Hairstyle Match: Pair your knee length shirt with a shoulder length do, rock either the classic Elizabeth Taylor soft curls or the cascading waves of an old Hollywood look.

The wind cries fabulous: The 60s are known as the age of youthful rebellion and their uniform was fantastic. Micro minis and platform shoes have been strutting around town on the hips and feet of some of America’s hottest pop icons and unless you hop on the train, you’ll be left in the past. And not the good kind.

Hairstyle Match: In 1968 Mia Farrow shook the very foundations of Hollywood and the fashion world alike by turning her back on the idea that female fashion icons had to have long hair when she got a pixie cut for her role in the classic, “Rosemary’s Baby.” The hair, the mini, the shoes, soon Castevet and his cronies – not to mention everyone else – will be worshiping you. Visit the best salon in Miami, Red Market to get these timeless hairstyles.


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Beach Inspired Hair has long been thought impossible without the help of an actual beach, but no longer. With a little help from some well-placed product, you can have the summery, fresh look without spending a fortune on a Bahamas vacation. 

While there are many products that promise a perfect summer style, one of the most popular and easiest to use is the sea salt spray. A comparatively new product, salt sprays have taken the hair community by storm in recent years. Everyone from high fashion models to businesswomen have successfully used salt sprays to liven up their hair. 

Sea salt sprays are easy to use. The first step is to find yourself a sea salt spray, such as the one made by Kerastase. For a simple, beachy look, apply the product evenly on the mid-lengths to ends of damp hair and allow to air-dry. Avoid your root area, as too much product buildup can lead to crispiness. You might need a little experimentation to find the right amount. Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.20.22 AM

Salt sprays can also be used to give fine or thin hair a little extra grip for updos and more complicated styles; just spritz a little into your hair before you pin it up. You can even spray them on bobby pins to give them hold. 

Salt sprays are popularly used as a final touch to curled hair for tousled, beachy style. After you’ve finished curling or styling, finish with a little salt spray to give your hair some oomph.

The next time you’re in need of boho beach style, don’t rush to the airport. Some quality sea salt spray is all you need to achieve the perfect sun-kissed look and Kerastase is a brand to never disappoint. Visit the top salon in Miami, Red Market to get your bottle of Spray-a-Porter.

Balayage: The Art of Highlighting with Sonia Amani

The Red Market Balayage has become a signature service with a growing demand thanks to top colorist, Sonia Amani. This French-born technique has made its way from Paris and has ever so elegantly graced the hair of women looking to achieve the most natural highlighted locks. Balayage is an art form and a skill only a few colorists have mastered. A colorist, similar to a painter, uses a brush or comb to paint the hair, creating a more natural, youthful, sun-kissed lightness without the drying effects of foiling.

Master Balayage Artist, Sonia Amani, joined the Red Market Miami team more than two years ago. Since her arrival, Sonia’s talent in Balayage has gained the likes of the South Florida community, firmly making her one of the most balayage-in-miamisought after colorists in Miami.

An Exceptional Approach

Sonia’s Balayage skills are accompanied with her admirable service creating an unparalleled experience. Sonia begins with a detailed consultation and works with the client to carefully choose inspiration photos so that there is a full understanding of the desired color before beginning. Once her brush strokes begin, her talent for carefully placing each highlight is quickly apparent. She sensibly looks for where the sun may lighten one’s hair and works with the natural movement to strategically position highlights for the most organic look possible. Then, time to sit back, relax and relish in the great music and fun energy of Red Market Miami. During the processing time, Sonia or her assistant will check on the progression of the hair to determine the ideal time to rinse.


A Finish Fit for Perfection

Upon rinsing, Sonia will choose from one of the 35 purest pigments that will enhance her work and improve the appearance of the client’s hair. Sonia’s assistant adds the chosen pigment gloss to the shampoo for a shinier and healthier looking result. After a cut that is structured to boost the Balayage, a blow out finalizes the look and voila, perfectly highlighted hair that appears 100% natural.

The Best Colorists in Miami

The Red Market color department has been successfully expanding to provide clients even more of the leading and most talented colorists in the industry. Sonia’s addition to the team provides a dynamic and unique ingredient to the highly successful color services provided. Sonia has created stunning Ombre’s, flawless blondes, and beautifully sun-kissed brunettes. It’s obvious why her services remain a demand among the Miami locals and international visitors.



The Best Hair Salon in Miami is Expanding to a New Location


It’s been five years, since we opened Red Market Miami’s doors and each day has been filled with creative adventures, expanding clientele, and a growing team of the best stylists and colorists in Miami. As we experience great success, comes even greater changes. We are finding new and innovative ways to enhance your experience, provide cutting-edge techniques in hair beauty, and a space to retreat from your daily routine into an energetic, high-fashion atmosphere.

Naturally, with all our changes comes an opportunity to expand to a larger space and we are thrilled to announce that we will be moving to the new third-level of Bal Harbour Shops!

Our new location will provide state-of-the-art facilities amid a luxurious setting. Our partnership with Bal Harbour Shops’s third level expansion project will offer us considerable growth opportunity. We will be joined by a list of the country’s of top retailers including Barney’s New York.

We take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for our continued success! We are expected to open our new location during late summer of 2014 and look forward to sharing our transformation with you. During our transition, Red Market will be closed for approximately one week. Our opening dates and possible closure dates will be announced via email. We ask that you take this time to provide us with your email by calling or sign-up for our newsletter to ensure you are kept informed about all our upcoming changes.

Please join us as we embark on an exciting experience that will enhance your experience and provide you with the very best in hair beauty.

Once again, we thank you for making Red Market Miami a remarkable success!

Jean Marc Durante & Reynald Ricard


Jean-Marc Durante