Red Market Miami: The Red Ombre

Fiery shades of ombre hair are all over the runway and on the pages of

hottest fashion magazines this season. This is one trend you can get into,

and keep your hair conservative enough that you will not have to hide it in

a chignon at the office.

Short, chic hair can wear ombre in shaggy styles, with darker shades

around the roots and neckline, progressing to lighter shades around the

face. Your professional hair stylist can create unique Miami – sunset effect

on short hair. The use of a brush technique of sunset red around the

neckline and root areas will begin the look. They will finish with an

application with lighter highlights of golden red on the ends. The color

choice will depend on how bold or subtle you want your ombre look to be.

If your hair is medium length: Talk to your stylist about a blunt bob, in a

golden red ombre. The classic bob cut gets an edgy lift as the strands go

from bright copper to a deep warm golden blonde. This color combination

is ideal for lighter skin tones. For deeper skin tones: try a deep mahogany

to light red. If your hair is wavy or curly in texture consider a concave bob

with this color combination.

Long hair will obviously show more ombre progression. Ask your stylist to

start with a deep cherry brown to ginger: if you have deep, cool toned

skin. For lighter and warmer skin tones: consider a medium to light warm

auburn progression. It will give you a sunny, youthful look without going


If your workplace is more progressive and casual: you can have fun with a

fire red to orange ombre or a dramatic black cherry to red effect. For a

very edgy look, your stylist can create a jagged ombre by wielding a

smaller brush, and meticulously establishing a lines using color clips.

Ombre is a hair color trend that works for almost any hair type. If you wear

bangs, talk to your stylist about blending the color in and styling options

for your bangs. They can also recommend the right products to maintain

your new trendy hair.

Red Market Salon-Miami is on top of the latest hair trends. Their stylists

are dedicated to achieving a picture perfect color and style combination

that will get you noticed!