Red Market Hair Salon Miami Carries 4ever Smooth Keratin Products Essential to Sleek, Shiny Hair

Keratin hair treatments are the latest and greatest solutions to frizzy, lackluster hair. In order to have lustrous, straight locks, you must receive a keratin treatment. Red Market, a luxury hair salon in Miami, carries 4ever Smooth, a top-notch line of keratin products boasting organic and quality ingredients.

Before you get any hair treatment, you should know what you’re doing to your hair.

What is keratin?

Keratin is a protein that’s found naturally in your hair. Keratin treatments like 4ever Smooth are applied and then flat ironed into the hair to create a sleek, straight look.

Why use keratin?

What are the benefits? Keratin treatments help to reduce blow drying time by 40% to 60%, particularly for those styling their hair straight. And frizz? Forget about it! Keratin treatments virtually eliminate frizz in your hair, no matter what the weather. With summer’s humid days fast approaching, Miami residents will be thankful for that!

Keratin treatments are also long-lasting. The typical keratin treatment might last more than 2 months. 4ever Smooth’s products, however, last as long as 5 months – that’s long enough to have gorgeous hair for the entire summer season.

4ever Smooth’s line of products has some real advantages over other keratin treatments. 4ever Smooth’s treatment won’t smoke or fume during application like other brands will. And it contains 5 times more keratin than the average treatment. Normal keratin treatments can take up to 90 minutes to apply; 4ever Smooth can be done in an hour! Typically, ladies must wait 3 to 4 days after a keratin treatment before washing their hair.  However, with 4ever Smooth, you can wash it the same day.

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