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Fashion, like life, is cyclical. What once was popular in the rag trade is now anathema in the fickle eye of public opinion. And what was scoffed at and cast aside has climbed back onto the catwalk and is sashaying its way down the runway, hoping to reclaim the crown and be hailed as chic […]


Beach Inspired Hair has long been thought impossible without the help of an actual beach, but no longer. With a little help from some well-placed product, you can have the summery, fresh look without spending a fortune on a Bahamas vacation.  While there are many products that promise a perfect summer style, one of the […]

RED MARKET SALON MIAMI: Hair Trends Spring 2016

Hair Trends  Spring 2016 Spring is a time for fresh, bright beginnings. Many people choose to celebrate the new season by trying something different with their hairstyle. This year, there are five hairstyle trends that stand apart from all of the other fads, and will definitely prove to be the epitome of carefree style for […]

Team Red Market’s Top 3: New Product Trends to Try this Spring

The beauty industry is oversaturated with new product launches every season. It’s extremely difficult for customers to decipher which products or ingredients work best with their hair type. #TeamRedMarket created a list of their top three new product trends to try this Spring! Oribe Soft Dry Conditioner Spray  This product is for those craving instant softness. This […]

Balayage: The Art of Highlighting with Sonia Amani

The Red Market Balayage has become a signature service with a growing demand thanks to top colorist, Sonia Amani. This French-born technique has made its way from Paris and has ever so elegantly graced the hair of women looking to achieve the most natural highlighted locks. Balayage is an art form and a skill only […]

The Best Hair Salon in Miami is Expanding to a New Location

It’s been five years, since we opened Red Market Miami’s doors and each day has been filled with creative adventures, expanding clientele, and a growing team of the best stylists and colorists in Miami. As we experience great success, comes even greater changes. We are finding new and innovative ways to enhance your experience, provide […]